Pedro Domingos on Artificial Intelligence, Where Knowledge Comes From, The Five Major Schools of Machine Learning, and More


“The knowledge that we human beings have that makes us so intelligent comes from a number of different sources. The first one which people often don’t realize is just evolution. … Then, there’s knowledge that just comes from experience. … Then equally important, there’s the knowledge that’s the kind of knowledge that only human beings have which is the knowledge that comes from culture, from talking with other people, from reading books and so on. … The thing that’s exciting today is that there’s actually a new source of knowledge on the planet and that’s computers.”

On this episode of our podcast, I am so happy to have Pedro Domingos (@pmddomingos) who is a professor at the University of Washington.

Domingos is the leading researcher in machine learning and recently wrote an amazing book called The Master Algorithm. I was fortunate enough to have a long and fascinating conversation with him over dinner one night which I hoped would never end but that ended up leading to this episode which I think you will love.

In this conversation we explore the sources of knowledge, the five major schools of machine learning, why white collar jobs are easier to replace than blue collar jobs, machine wars, self-driving cars and so much more.




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