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The Farnam Street Learning Community

Join our Community and Learn from the Best.

The rule for decision making in life and business goes like this: The fewest blind spots wins. It's like being at a poker table where you can see everyone else's cards.

But how do you get there? How do you reduce those blind spots? How do you learn faster and make better decisions than everyone else?

One way is by reading and self-education, and Farnam Street is devoted to helping you through that process. But there's another important, sometimes unappreciated component: Shortening the path to wisdom by connecting to other wise, like-minded people.

You must learn from those who have already completed the mazes you're interested in running. If you don't, you're wasting a lot of time and effort.

We've tried to make that journey a little easier for you with the Farnam Street Learning Community.

Private Learning Community

Upon joining, you'll be given access to a community of smart, driven people on a dedicated Slack forum, with channels open for discussing mental models, reading suggestions, Farnam Street posts, networking opportunities, and other topics of interest.

It's a community of like-minded people just like you. This is your opportunity to share links, discuss topics and bounce ideas off some of the smartest people on the planet.

“The Farnam Street (learning community) is worth every penny and I plan to be a member forever.”
Hemik Shah

Members include CEOs, best-selling authors, and even coaches and general managers from professional sports teams like the NFL and NBA; there's also engineers, money managers, teachers, lawyers and entrepreneurs. The common denominator is a love of learning and self-improvement.

But that's not everything.

In addition to joining the FS Community on Slack, you'll get access to a set of resources we have set aside only for members.

Exclusive Content

Members of the Learning Community have access to exclusive content that's not available freely on the blog. This private trove contains ideas that have helped CEOs, Championship NFL coaches, hedge fund managers, technology entrepreneurs, authors, and a wide range of others make better decisions and take advantage of opportunities where others can't.

There are a few components:

The Farnam Street Knowledge Library — A curated (and constantly growing) library of Notes, Book Summaries, Thought Papers, and Exclusive Posts accessible only to members. Our goal is to make this Library unique, valuable, and ever-expanding. We are regularly adding content to the Library and you'll have access to everything past and future.

Transcripts to all of our Knowledge Project interviews  We've had a lot of great guests and have many more planned; that means a lot of wonderful knowledge sits in our archives. Our members find that having that knowledge in print form is extremely valuable for re-visiting and note-taking.

Discounted access to Farnam Street's course on better reading: The Art of Reading. We'll also be discounting access to some of our future planned courses.

Oh, and there's one more thing…

The Best Book Club in the World

All Community Members are invited to our Virtual Reading Group — guided read-alongs of books we’ve selected, including an opportunity to discuss the book with all other members (and us) in a separate dedicated Slack forum. We’ve already started reading together, and will be doing four of them per year.

When possible, we’ll interview the author and include other awesome content (like a curated set of notes from the Group at the end of each book) to enhance your understanding and enjoyment of the text.

Come Join Us

Our goal is to have a constantly growing, constantly improving experience for all members of the Learning Community. By doing so, we're creating a group that truly makes better decisions and thinks more creatively.

A member of the Learning Community put it best by saying, “I like Farnam Street because it is full of smart people who are willing to accept the challenge of getting smarter.” 

* * *

I give away over 95% of Farnam Street content for free. And our free stuff is better than other people's paid content. By signing up for a membership you're helping me earn a living, funding exclusive content and research, and enabling me to hire people to help out.

Join for $249/Year

Students, teachers, and non-profits:

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“I became smarter, a better parent,
and a more successful lawyer and business owner because of Farnam Street.”

— Paul Ceyssens

I have rarely read a concise synthesis of complicated topics from disparate sources that has been so well written… On par with Krugman or Jim Grant.
— Bert Hancock

“It’s like noise cancelling headphones for the Internet.”
Wayne Redmond

“Thanks for running Farnam Street.
I can’t begin to tell you what it has done for me, in my professional and personal life!”
Karl Sutt

“… a compelling blog about decision making.”
Jason Zweig, in the Wall Street Journal

“What I've learned on Farnam Street has directly contributed to the success of my company,
and to my ability to be a decent leader.”
— Tucker Max

“[Farnam Street] does a really remarkable job of looking at culture, history, and interesting books …
I check this almost everyday.”

Daniel Pink, best-selling author

“Consistently fascinating.”
Jessica Stillman, Inc. Magazine

A Big Fan.”
Tracy Alloway, Financial Times

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critical thinking and lifelong learning.

He reads encyclopedically and thinks deeply about how investors—and human beings—can become more thoughtful, patient and creative.
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